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I knew that I would

Happy Friday everybody! There are a lot of people feeling really good this Friday.  Anticipation is in the air as we begin to hear the faint sound of sleigh bells off in the distance.  This holiday season is a great time to gently remind your customers that you are there for them.  A contemporary of mine reminded me recently that it is important to remind our customers to whom they should be listening. The example she gave was a legal analysis on a particular real estate issue that her customer had found on the internet. The analysis was spot on–if the person reading it lived in Colorodo. Unfortunately, many folks don’t realize that real esate laws and regulations are state specific. It pays to ask a local attorney for advice or information.  The same can be said for real estate agents and lenders. Not only are there state specific rules and regulations when it comes to real estate there are local market conditions and customs that may vary from county to county.  A great marketing idea for all of you this holiday season might be to give your customers the gift of your expertise.  Send them a card or an email remiding them that you are a better resource than Al Gore any day!  That will make you both feel good! Read the rest of this entry »

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